Best backpack vacuum cleaner-backpack vac guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best backpack vacuum is we recommend the ProTeam Super CoachVac 10-qt Backpack Vacuum as our top pick.

Vacuuming is generally not something most of us enjoy. It is however for the most part necessary to keep your home, office or other space neat and tidy. Having the best backpack vacuum for your situation can makes things a lot easier.

The range of vacuums on the market these days is quite incredible with technology evolving faster than we can keep up with. Choosing the right vacuum can save you time and energy when it comes to cleaning.

Here are the Backpack Vacuums we will be reviewing:

What are the advantages of using a Backpack vacuum cleaner?


Most of the advantages of a backpack vacuum cleaner are obvious but some others are not as clear.

The things we consider most important are as follows:

The clue is in the name here, a backpack vacuum cleaner is of course worn on your back. This means you can stay upright while cleaning.

It also allows the weight to be distributed evenly across your body. As someone who has experienced back pain this is a huge advantage. You don’t have to pull a regular vacuum around and strain yourself repeatedly.

Since you don’t have to fight with a heavy vacuum on the floor you can move more quickly and freely. This allows you to get your vacuuming done much faster.

While efficiency might be more important in a commercial situation this can also be an advantage if you have a large home or other space to clean.

In fact research has shown using a backpack vacuum can reduce the time needed to clean a large space by over 50%. That’s quite the time saver.

While most of your time using a vacuum is likely spent cleaning the floor they can also be used for cleaning other areas. Things like removing spiders webs or other dust on areas above the floor can be done with ease.

Even cleaning dust on door frames and hard to reach places is achievable due to the unique positioning of a backpack vacuum.

You may be planning to use your backpack vacuum for domestic or commercial use. They are of course designed mostly for the commercial market. This means they are generally more durable and will last longer than regular domestic vacuums.


When is a backpack vacuum not the right choice?

As you can see there are many advantages to using a backpack vacuum but what are the disadvantages? When is it not the right choice?

Backpack vacs are not the only option on the market. If you for example have a small house that is easy to clean then a backpack vacuum is probably a little too over the top. In that case a simple traditional vacuum will get the job done just fine.

Generally they cost more then standard domestic vacs. So if you don’t feel you need one save some money and stick with the cheaper options.

If you are not very mobile or have issues with your back that make it difficult for you to manoeuvre then lifting the backpack vacuum onto your back may be an issue. Again think carefully about your specific needs here.

Things to look for when choosing a backpack vacuum


So you have weighed up the pros and cons and have decided to take the plunge and buy a backpack vacuum cleaner. That’s great! Now comes the next decision of choosing which one to buy.

Below are some of our top tips on things to look out for when choosing the best backpack vacuum for your situation.

Power Consumption – You want your vacuum to be powerful. This seems obvious since we have all been frustrated in the past by bad vacuums that struggle to pick up even the smallest dirt particles.

However you could also go overboard here and have a vacuum which simply uses a lot of electricity and has more power then you need. They generally range from 500w to 3000w.

If you have a heavy duty industrial situation then the more power the better but for domestic use or office spaces a mid range is usually best. Staying below the 2000W as a rule of thumb.

Weight & being comfortable – At the end of the day you have to carry this thing on your back. Sure the weight is distributed nicely across your body but there is no sense in having a super heavy vac weighing you down.

Often the weight and suction power can be related eg heavier is more powerful etc. So just like we mentioned above choose a balance between what you need and the options available. A mid range powered vac that is lightweight is ideal.

Features & Accessories – If you choose a vacuum with super efficient filters you will need to empty the bin less frequently. This can really help to speed up your cleaning time and even improve air quality with things like HEPA filters.

Also if you need to use the vacuum in tight or unusual places having useful attachments may also be important to you so check out the choices.

Power Cord and Harness – Like some of the above considerations this one balances comfort with functionality. Badly designed straps or a poorly fitting harness could be uncomfortable and cause you problems.

Choosing a vac with an adjustable harness should solve this problem. Equally you need to be able to move around quite freely so having a long power cord will ensure you can get more done quicker. This is a super simple point but worth remembering.

With those tips and things to watch out for in mind let’s take a look at the options available to you.

Best Backpack Vacuum – The Options


ProTeam Super CoachVac 10-qt Backpack Vacuum

ProTeam have been in the cleaning business for a long time. Over thirty years in fact. They make a range of vacuums and were the first to pioneer the lightweight backpack vac. Coming in at 11 lbs it is pretty amazing what they have managed to pack into a lightweight package.Pros:

  • 11lbs in weight making it super lightweight
  • Huge 10 Quart capacity giving it three times the capacity of a typical upright vacuum
  • Powerful yet efficient 1188 watt motor. This produces amazing dirt lifting power but also manages to be one of the quietest backpack vacuums on the market
  • Super long 50 foot power cord (key feature for efficient cleaning)
  • Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval – Gold Rated
  • Advanced HEPA filtration – Four level filtration
  • Ability to cover 7,400 square feet in one hour
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • A little large if you are not very tall
  • Tools can detach at times from the hose which can be annoying
  • More padding in the straps would be good
  • Due to the size it is better suited to commercial use

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Worth noting:

In addition to the 50 foot power cord the Proteam Super CoachVac comes with a 7 piece commercial Tool Kit and Telescopic wand. These tools are great for things like upholstery, ceiling fans, vents, low pile carpets and more.


Atrix – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum Corded 8 Quart

Right at the other end of the scale on this list in terms of price is this offering from Atrix. Atrix have also been around for a long time. Overall is gives a pretty attractive option considering the price. It comes in slightly lighter than the first option above at 10.3lbs. The compromise on this saving is 20% less capacity at 8 Quarts.Pros:

  • It’s pretty difficult not to mention the price here. It comes in at a fraction of the price of most other leading brands on the market.
  • The design makes it very ergonomic so it sits on your back much better than some larger backpack vacs.
  • Pretty powerful at 1400 watts
  • Advanced HEPA filtration – Four level filtration
  • Comes with a range of tools and attachments including a utility belt


  • Super short power cord meaning you will need to buy a separate extension cord
  • The parts seem to wear out faster than its rivals
  • It uses a bag so not as slick as some bagless models

Overall this is a great little backpack vacuum for the price. However given then durability it is best suited for domestic use or a small office. If you are trying to test the water especially for home use then definitely consider this model

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Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Hoover as a brand needs little introduction in the world of vacuuming. In fact in many parts of the world people refer to the vacuum cleaner as “the hoover”. If you have ever seen a commercial cleaning team in action you have probably seen one of the backpack vacs from these guys. They have been in the business for over 100 years (that’s quite the record).Pros:

  • Falls right in the middle in terms of price range. A good balance of quality and pricing from a trusted and well known brand.
  • Comes in at just 9.2lbs so the lightest in our list without compromising on features
  • Harness designed by Chiropractor for comfort and protecting your back
  • Long 48 foot power cord for less interruptions
  • Quality locking system on the hose to avoid disconnection like some other brands
  • Accessory pack including tools for upholstery, crevice tool and dusting brush
  • Bagless for faster and more efficient emptying


  • Not as powerful in terms of suction as models like the ProTeam Super CoachVac.
  • Only 1000 watts and this does impact performance
  • Smaller capacity then the models above at 6.4 quarts
  • Performance on deeper carpets is not great, definitely designed for hard floors or commercial carpet situations

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Despite Hoovers great reputation in the market this Vac seems to fall between two needs. It is more expensive than the Atrix and has less power so is not well suited to domestic use. Equally it is not as high performing as the ProTeam SuperVac. Overall it is probably best for large hard floor areas.

Shop-Vac 2860010 6.5-Peak HP Industrial BackPack Vacuum

A lesser known model is the Shop Vac Industrial BackPack Vacuum. The main reason for including this one is to show you the comparison of what is available. This is a mid range vac in terms of price. It lacks a few of the features of the high end models but the price reflects this.Pros:

  • Super light at 8lbs
  • Comes with a Tool Storage Belt
  • Good accessory pack including extension wand, dual surface nozzle and more


    • Power cord is only 25 feet
    • Disposable bags so need to repeatedly buy them
    • Harness needs to be more adjustable
    • Not the most powerful vac

>>Check Price on Amazon<<

This option really sits at the lower level of commercial use for small offices and light domestic work. A good overall model but definitely has its limitations.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

As we mentioned above Hoover as a brand needs no introduction. This Vac is a little different from the others in our list up to this point. How is it different? Well it’s actually not really a backpack vacuum at all. So why is it part of this guide?

We have included it as it provides a viable alternative at a great price which may suit some people depending on their needs.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


  • Lightweight at just over 8lbs
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 33 foot power cord
  • Also has a built in blower giving a diverse range of additional options
  • Super compact for tight spaces and hard to get to spots
  • Really well priced. The cheapest on this list by far


  • Not actually a backpack vacuum so may not be comfortable for cleaning for long periods or large areas
  • Small bag so must be emptied frequently so definitely for smaller areas

Overall the cheapest in our list but this must be balanced by the lack of features of the other models. Only consider this for smaller areas or specific uses.

So which is the Best Backpack Vacuum?

As you can see there are a range of different options and it really does come down to your specific situation and needs.

Our recommendation is to go with the ProTeam Super CoachVac 10-qt Backpack Vacuum if you need a high quality, durable and powerful solution for a commercial or intense usage situation. It sits above all the others in terms of just about every feature.

If you are looking for a simple solution for domestic use or a small office that will not be used intensively then the Atrix – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum Corded 8 Quart is also a great choice. It gives a lot of the features without the larger price tag. However it will not stand up to commercial type use on an ongoing basis so keep this in mind.

By choosing one of these two options you should have all you need to make vacuuming easier and save your back in the process. Happy cleaning!

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