Best vacuum for stairs buying guide

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out which of our selection is the best vacuum for stairs we recommend the Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum as our top pick.

Vacuuming a stairs can be a nightmare. Trying to drag heavy and awkward traditional vacuums up and down the staircase and finding a place for the extension cord to reach an outlet can be frustrating.

Choosing a lightweight vacuum for carpeted stairs is confusing with so many products on offer. Deciding if our recommendation of the best cordless vacuum for carpeted or hardwood stairs is for you is an important decision. You will most likely have the vacuum for years to come so choose wisely. 

Here are the best vacuums for stairs we will be reviewing:


Why would I choose a handheld vacuum for stairs cleaning?

So before we go any further why are we looking only at handheld vacuums in this guide? Well it’s simple really. If you want a general purpose vacuum cleaner that you can also use to clean stairs then there are plenty of options.

However they are not always a great solution since they can be tricky to carry or move on a staircase leading to frustration and even trip hazards.

A handheld vac offers a lightweight solution for both the quick jobs and the tricky areas like the stairs, upholstery and more besides.

If you want something that is a little more diverse in terms of the rest of the house or commercial space but still offers mobility for the stairs you may want to check out our best backpack vacuum cleaner guide here. 

Equally if you need a vacuum that is more robust for those messier or even wet jobs then check out our best shop vac buying guide here. 

Cordless handheld vacuum vs Corded options

The battle between these two is often discussed and there are pros and cons on both sides of this divide. Of course cordless would be the most obvious solution in an ideal world. Unfortunately cordless has not yet evolved far enough for every need.

Our recommendation here is to go cordless if you are buying the vac for small cleaning jobs which are short in duration. The reason for this being the need to stop to recharge and often a lower level of power versus a corded vacuum.

Our reason for choosing the shark rocket as our top pick below is that it can be used as your general purpose vacuum while delivering outstanding performance when cleaning the stairs and other tricky areas.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs – The Options


Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

The first thing many people will notice about this handheld vac is that it does in fact have a cord. Some of you may prefer to have a cord free option when it comes to stairs but there is a balance to be found here.

It is a little more expensive then some of the other models but it is the total package. It offers and all in one option that gives you so much more scope then other vacuums. The attachments and tools are great and allow for effective cleaning in just about any situation and on carpet or hard surfaces.

  • Very Lightweight
  • A great range of tools and attachments for every cleaning situation
  • Something we feel is highly important, no loss of suction due to clever design
  • Bonus feature of a TruePet motorized brush attachment – great for pet hair on carpets and furniture



  • More expensive then other models in the range
  • Can be a little noisy due to the power it delivers


>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Like the Shark vacuum the Eureka EasyClean is a corded vac. The cord is very long for a small vac so this allows you to get to most areas easily.

The Riser Visor feature is specifically designed for vertical situations such as stair risers, curtains and upholstery so of course this is very particular to our needs in this case.


  • 20 foot power cord
  • Bagless which is always good
  • Dual motor system for great power and suction
  • Special Riser Visor system ideal for stairs or vertical upholstery cleaning



  • The Filter cannot be washed which is annoying
  • Heavier then other models which can be an issue for longer use
  • Some reports that it is not built to last so best for lighter domestic use


>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

Another corded vac I hear you say! Don’t worry we have some cordless options coming up. This vac however warranted a worth mention so here it is.

It comes in the mid range of our vacs here in terms of weight. It is small and easy to use. An 18ft power cord allows you to move around fairly easily and it comes with a HEPA filter.

The tools/accessories with the bissell cleanview are minimal so the absence of a brush and upholstery tools could be an issue for some people.

  • Bagless so no tricky bags or replacements
  • Nice handle design making it easy to use
  • Great dust cap design for easy emptying
  • Good multi level filtration



  • Limited tools for furniture and upholstery
  • Vents at the sides which can blow the dirt around
  • Very Loud

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Hand Handheld Cordless Vacuum

At last as promised here is our first cordless offering. It is also the first of the handheld vacs which is specifically aimed at those who need a vac for pet hair removal.

The bissell pet hair eraser is surprisingly powerful for a cordless vac and makes it easy for quick small jobs as well as bigger ones.

If you are not a pet owner don’t rule this one out. It’s important to note just how difficult it can be to remove pet hair (I know as a dog owner). The point here is if it can do this effectively it can also remove other types of dirt easily so just a useful for those without pets.


  • Cordless, so no restriction at all when it comes to moving around
  • Specialist tools for pet hair removal (remember these can be useful for non pet owners too)
  • Triple filtration which is also washable (very important with pets)
  • Surprisingly powerful for a cordless vac



  • Battery life can be short so recharging can become an issue

>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Black +Decker chv1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

This Black & Decker Model is one of the best selling Handheld cordless vacs of all time. It’s been around for a long time and earned itself a good reputation. You don’t sell this many vacs without doing something right.

Overall our view is that this one is ideal for the small, quick jobs around the house for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Fully washable and bagless for easy maintenance
  • Lightweight but still powerful
  • Recharging is made easier by the fast charge feature
  • Easily stored on the charger without overheating



  • Battery life is not bad but being cordless means regular recharging
  • Tools & accessories are quite basic


>>Check Price On Amazon<<

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded

A third Bissell entry on our list here. Not surprising really given the number of models these guys make.

As the name suggests this is also a handheld pet hair vacuum and it comes with special nozzles and attachments for just that purpose.

It also comes in at the lower end of the scale in terms of pricing so overall it is an attractive package for a low price.


  • 16 foot power cord
  • Very well priced
  • Proven to be effective removing pet hair and other debris
  • Being corded means no recharging compared to the cordless pet vac above



  • Like some of the other models the vents being placed at the side is not ideal for cleaning
  • The filter can be tricky to clean


>Check Price On Amazon<<

So Which Is The Best Vacuum for Stairs?

So there you have it. We hope our guide on the best vacuums for stairs has been useful to you. Always take care when cleaning on a stair case and be aware of trip hazards.

Our top choice is the Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum  which should give you many years of easy vacuuming on the stairs and other awkward spots and spaces.


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