Can you steam clean a mattress?

Here at the Cleaners toolbox we love steam cleaners. They are great for thorough deep clean and can even get into cracks and corners that scrubbing just can’t. One question we get asked all the time is ” Can you steam clean a mattress? “. Thankfully the answer is Yes! However before you run off to steam the life out of your mattress take a look at our tips below.

Can you steam clean a mattress? Yes but wait!

Like we have already said steam cleaning your mattress is one of the most effective ways to make it truly clean. However if you just pull of the bedding and start steaming you may do more harm then good.

Just like cleaning a carpet you need to first prep the mattress to get the best result. First up is vacuuming.

You should already be vacuuming your mattress regularly. We find it best to keep it simple and make it part of your routine when changing bedding (which by the way should be at least weekly).

Regardless of the regularity before steaming make sure to vacuum up any debris and dust or other dirt on the bed. If there is something more tricky or sticky try to remove as much as possible before steaming.

Time to get steamy

Once you have completed this prep work it’s time to get started with your steamer. If you need some guidance on a suitable steamer we have a great guide you can check out here.

We recommend using a steam cleaner with a handheld attachment such as an upholstery tool or other wand. Settings will vary from model to model but as a general rule you want one that doesn’t produce much water. This may sound odd since you are of course using steam but you don’t want to saturate the mattress since it can take a long time for them to dry.

So you want the benefit of the high heat with the lower moisture level. This will give you the best overall clean. Kill bugs and freshen up the mattress.

Some things to watch out for when using a steam cleaner

Not every mattress or steam cleaner is created equal. Be sure to check your mattress manufacturer guidelines as there are some who do not recommend using a steamer. In some cases you can even damage the mattress if certain materials are used.

The other main tip here is not to spend to long on a single area or patch on the mattress. Often you can overdo it on a certain area which has for example a heavy stain. This can lead to that area becoming very wet (all the way through the mattress) or even burning the material. Keep the contact in each section short and if its very bad you may simply need to revisit it a few days later and repeat until you achieve the level of cleanliness you want.

That answers the burning question can you steam clean a mattress!

So there you have it, you can breath new life into your old mattress. Your sinuses will thank you for it.

Once you have finished you will need to dry the mattress completely. Ideally if you can do that outside in the sun that is a bonus and will definitely make it quicker. Our old school cleaning friend baking soda is also a great way to absorb smells and residual water in the mattress so applying it lightly while drying is our top pro tip to complete an amazing clean.

Once this is done you should consider some mattress covers and guards to safeguard your mattress for longer. Sweet dreams!


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