If you are like me then you probably love memory foam. It truly is a modern wonder, allowing customized comfort without the custom pricing. Unfortunately just like any other pillow or fabric in the home is needs to be cleaned. So many of you ask us: How to clean memory foam? So we decided to put together this guide to help you do it yourself at home. This will help you avoid costly professional cleaning fees (we should know).

One slight warning here. If you think the product you have has specific requirements or the label states that it should be cleaned only by a professional then the decision it as your own risk so please take care and consider the situation before starting.

How to clean memory foam step by step

The level of effort required will depend a little on the cleaning required. If it simply needs to be lightly cleaned and freshened then its easier then a heavy duty clean. 

As you may know we are great fans of baking soda so if you have it in the house you can use this to get started. Simple spread some onto the memory foam and let it do its work for about an hour. Other commercial products also work if you prefer such as Borax. 

Next you will of course want to remove the baking soda. You can brush it off if you are outside or use a vacuum to really remove all dirt from the foam. 

If you have any stains to deal with you can use some standard dish cleaning liquid or some more baking soda with warm water and a little vinegar to treat the stains. Once you have scrubbed them with a sponge or cloth take care to dry off as much excess as possible.

Lastly in order to dry it out completely you will need to let it air dry. Ideally outside if the weather is good and the air will help to clear the remaining residue. 

How to clean memory foam – Heavy Duty

Sometimes a deeper clean is needed. This can happen if the memory foam is badly stained or something has soaked through the entire pillow or fabric. 

If this is the case it may be time to bring in a professional but if you have a good steam cleaner then you can use that to thoroughly cleanse the foam. Adding some odor neutralizer to this process may also be needed. Again like the cleaning step you can use homemade options like lemon and vinegar or some store bought options, whichever you prefer. 

If you would like a detailed guide on steam cleaning memory foam we have the steps for you right here. 

If on the other hand you need to steam clean a regular mattress check out our guide here.

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Mike the Cleaner

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